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What will you learn with our RGP fitting courses?

We have six RGP courses available. Some of the content in later courses will relate and refer to information presented in earlier courses. So to get the most benefit, we recommend taking the courses in order – 1-6.

However, the system will not limit you to this. So if you feel ready, you can jump in and start on any course at any time.

Here are the courses available:

Course 1: Why fit an RGP contact lens?

We’ll explore the many reasons we fit RGP lenses and the advantages they offer patients.

Course 2: RGP materials

In this course, we’ll show you the process of making a RGP lens material, outline the metrics by which they are measured

Course 3: The how and why of ordering RGPs

You’ll learn about the information and measurements you need to take before you place an RGP order with No7.

Course 4: Practitioner handling

In this course, you’ll learn the steps for successfully inserting and removing an RGP lens on a patients eye.

Course 5: How to assess an RGP fit

You’ll learn how to assess an RGP fit and how to improve it to achieve a successful patient outcome.

Course 6: Multifocal RGP lenses

RGP multifocals are an excellent option for presbyopic patients. You’ll learn about the different design types and their benefits.

Want to go further? is our website dedicated to lenses for irregular corneas.

IC Specialist

IC Specialist is a FREE website and service from No7 Contact Lenses designed to support ECPs who focus on patients with irregular corneas. With a click, you can quickly identify relevant contact lens designs, get key product information and access our comprehensive range of contact lens fitting courses. Take a look and sign up for FREE, here:

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