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Why do we need RGP contact lenses? What do you need to know about RGP contact lenses? Found out here.

RGPs and your course curriculum

RGP lenses remain an important part of modern practice. For many patients, they offer the only chance of normal life with healthy vision. Before you qualify as an Eye Care Practitioner, you’ll be required to demonstrate an understanding of RGPs – when they are used, how they are used, design types, patient management and presbyopic options. Our product pages and courses will help you develop the skills and knowledge you need.

Benefits of GP lens wear

RGP lenses offer a number of benefits to range of patient groups. Here are a few:


Visual acuity

With stable, rigid optics, RGP lenses offer high levels of visual acuity

Ocular health

Data shows that RGP lenses are the safest form of contact lens wear


Irregular corneas

Many RGP designs and materials are specifically designed for IC patients



Stable, centred and rigid optics make RGPs a great choice for presbyopia

– No7’s range of RGP designs include:

The Quasar range

Designed by practitioners for practitioners, the Quasar range of lenses are truly aspheric from centre to edge. The central area consists of a modified conic profile, which is designed to flatten at a much slower rate than a fixed elliptical curve. 

Quasar SV

Superbly conceived and easy to fit, Quasar SV the first choice for many practitioners around the world.

Quasar Toric

A computer modelled toric RGP design with differing aspheric geometries in the two principal meridians. 

Quasar Plus

Quasar Plus cleverly utilises the eyes’ tears to provide precise vision at distance, intermediate and near.

The ICON range

The ICON lenses are simple-to-fit, cost-effective, multicurve RGPs that offer predictable results for a broad range of patient prescriptions.


ICON SV is No7’s leading multicurve design, offering excellent first fit success rates and reduced chair time.

ICON Toric

ICON Toric takes the guesswork out of toric fitting and can be ordered empirically (with Ks and Spec RX etc).

ICON Multifocal

ICON Multifocal is based on the back surface geometry of the ICON Aspheric Single Vision lens.

The Multicurve range

No7’s standard multicurve designs, available in a range of materials and made to the ECPs specification.

Multicurve SV

No7’s single vision RGP multicurve lens design.

Multicurve Toric

No7’s toric RGP multicurve lens design.

Multicurve Multifocal

No7’s multifocal RGP multicurve lens design

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